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Hi! My name is Jana Ochse. I am a professional illustrator, designer and animator from Bavaria, currently based in Berlin/Germany, with years of experience creating art for indie and niche gaming projects. I am specialized in 2d game art and do everything from scratch to final product, be it low resolution pixel art or highly detailed vector animations.

Since I am a passionate gamer myself, my platform experience stretches far and I am familiar working under conditions that come with the demands of both, restricted, as well as modern hardware.

Although my roots are digital I enjoy the design of printed graphics for analog games like dice or card games and especially enjoy projects that try to combine digital interactivity with the physicality of classic board games.

I am a firm believer in life-long-learning and getting a true understanding of the media we surround ourselves with, so I finished both a bachelor and masters degree within the field of digital media and continue to eagerly learn new things every day.

Showcase Game Prototypes

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I feel comfortable working for many different types of games. I have worked on Graphic Adventure Games, Jump and Runs, RPGs, Puzzlers and more. Different platforms like mobile, pc or console are also no obstacle.

This means I know where I stand in the pipeline of projects and don't just blindly draw assets. I am a technical artist in the broadest sense with knowledge of how my work needs to be integrated and what kind of results I need to provide for programmers and game designers to be able to work with.

Furthermore I have experience working with game engines myself and create my own projects in my freetime. So I am not an expert game developer, but I know my fair share and am not just fixed on the perspective of an illustrator.

As someone who has work experience within the field of online marketing and a freelancer who has to get the word out to an audience I also am familiar with the creation of digital marketing materials like banners or avatars as well as gamification assets like rewards or badges. I know how to graphically push products and the involvement with online communities.

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Range of Service and Commission Work

As a freelance artist I mainly focus on task-based commission work, but am also open to contract work for long-term projects and provide a consistently growing collection of licensable game assets in trusted stores. If you are looking to fill a position on a long-term project or have any questions regarding my licensable game assets, feel free to reach out directly via

Should you be interested in hiring me for task-based work, please take your time and have a look at my commission guidelines, before contacting me. If you agree to everything that is listed on there, you have the choice to either contact me directly via Email or my Commission Form. Please use whatever way is more comfortable to you, however should you need a few hints on what professional information is needed, I would suggest to either use the form or have a look at the cheatsheet linked below.

Please provide meaningful information and answer the questions according to your wishes. All the information you give will only be used to determine the specifics of a possible professional cooperation between us. Your form data will be deleted after each commission or when we decide to not cooperate. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Your are not committing to any kind of contract by the use of this form. It is merely a way of starting communication. All business related communication, including the share of liable information, shall be done in private, via email conversation after both of us take an interest in working together. This is to protect both parties privacy and to avoid sensitive information being shared without there being an actual reason for it.