Game Art and Design by Jana Ochse

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Artist Profile


Hi! My name is Jana Ochse. I am a professional graphic designer and animator based in Berlin/Germany, with over 6 years of experience as a freelancing artist. I am specializing in 2d game art and do everything from scratch to final product, be it low resolution pixel art or highly detailed vector animations.

Since I am a passionate gamer myself, my platform experience stretches far and I am familiar working under conditions that come with the demands of both, restricted, as well as modern hardware.

This reflects in my involvment within the retro and niche gaming scene about long gone systems like the Sega Dreamcast and open gaming devices like handhelds by korean company Game Park Holdings or the Open Pandora.

In addition to that I am a Co-Founder and Lead-Artist at 2D-Retroperspectives, a company creating games for said systems.

I am a firm believer in life-long-learning and getting a true understanding of the media we surround ourselves with, so I finished both a bachelor and masters degree within the field of digital media and continue to eagerly learn new things every day.

My Blog - Tutorials and Thoughts

To learn we need to share our experiences so I am also maintaining a small blog as a side project to share what I know and also look at my workflow from a meta point of view. Feel free to browse.

My Skills and Software Expertise

How to Contact Me

I am open for commission work. Simply write an email to and add an exact description of your graphical whishes. Everything else will be discussed according to the information given.